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5 Tips to buy a face mask online

At this point in 2020, we’ve come to the clear conclusion that face masks are the hottest accessory of the year. While they were once reserved for medical professionals, a face mask is now required in many parts of the world whether you’re indoors or outside. And, if you’re looking to socially distance yourself, it’s probably best to buy face mask online.

So, which one should you buy? Here are our top five tips to buy a face mask. 

Tip 1: When You Buy Face Mask Online

Surgical? N95? Respirator? When it’s time to buy face masks, you’ll find there are seemingly endless options. The most obvious component of a face mask is quality material. The internet is rife with DIY face mask instructions using everything from a t-shirt to a pair of underwear (yes, really!). 

To determine the type of mask you require, it’s important to consider the abilities and efficacy of each mask. The first step is to familiarise yourself with the different terms on the market. You have probably seen and heard the term “N95 mask.” This refers to a mask that has met the criteria set by NIOSH, a set of standards reserved for medical devices. But, outside of a medical setting, a mask need not be medically certified. On the other hand, a respirator is a mask specifically designed to prevent the wearer from inhaling hazardous gases, fumes, viruses, and airborne microorganisms.

But for a good — nay, great — face mask, consider the material inside the shell. Opt for a face mask that includes a removable filter to properly protect you and those around you. A mask that meets EN143 requirements, as outlined in Europe, is suitable and effective for blocking bacteria, smoke, some viruses, and other particles in everyday use.

You may also see some people wearing simple cloth masks or bandanas. Though to be truly effective, a face mask should be blocking particles with tested (and provable) results.

Tip 2: Pay Attention To Breathability Figures

With great filtration abilities can come reduced breathability, meaning some effective masks shouldn’t be used for your social distance workouts. Some masks, such as the O2 Nano Mask, are specifically designed to be breathable. Be sure to read into the specs of any face mask to determine its breathability. If a brand doesn’t mention breathability, they may not have considered this feature.

Thanks to the internet, you can easily research, find, and buy face mask online. Brands with proper insight into their own face masks should be able to provide measurable statistics such as breathability.

Tip 3: Face Mask Comfort

Anyone who has worn a low-quality face mask for more than a few moments can attest to its discomfort. From the aching ears to the raw skin on your nose, most face masks are about function rather than comfort. To prevent any discomfort, look for an adjustable face mask. These can be tailored to fit your face, thus providing more comfort and better filtration efficiency.

And, remember, you’ll be wearing this mask for a number of days. When you buy face masks that are reusable, they should also be washable. If a mask is washable, it may not be as effective for blocking particles. That is unless it has a replaceable filter. 

Tip 4: Brand Credibility & Availability

With the surge of the need for face masks comes the insurgence of vendors. Whether you choose to search online or are wondering where to buy face masks in San Francisco, for example, it’s wise to look into the brand’s credibility. Consider if the brand has an engaging online presence and if they respond to customers’ comments. Make sure to read reviews and don’t forget to check availability and shipping times.

Tip 5: Price

Finally, as with any purchase, you’ll want to consider the price. While the age-old expression is that you get what you pay for, you should consider all other tips when weighing prices. For a more dynamic mask; such as one with all the bells and whistles, or one that’s washable, or one that features nanofiltration technology; the price may be a bit more than what you have in mind for a disposable face mask. However, the extra features and increased efficacy are worth it.


If you follow these five top tips, you’re sure to find the right mask for you. If you’re still feeling like you’re in the dark, head over to O2 Nano Mask to buy face masks today.

Have some tips about where to buy face masks in San Francisco or your local city? Still have questions about how to buy face mask online? Leave us a comment!