O2 Nano Mask | About Us

We design high quality materials and products that don’t cost the Earth

Who We Are

Our team was brought together through the current pandemic and the need to support the shortage of masks. With DaD’s ability to manufacture and Viaex’s background in nanomaterials, both teams had been individually approached to create PPE and masks in particular.

By combining our teams’ technologists and academic scientists, expertise in textile product design, and philanthropy, we want to go beyond research and manufacturing to create materials and products that impact our everyday lives and environment.

The goal is to create a mask for the everyday user that would efficiently slow the spread of viral respiratory disease and germs while simultaneously helping somebody in need.

Creating the Good Mask

The moment we met we realized our goals and intentions were strongly aligned and in order to make a real impact on our community, we had to come together. We immediately responded to the call and co-founded O2 Nano Brands Inc.

We brought our very different expertise, teams, and backgrounds together to the project with nothing but belief and hope for the mission and each other.

We're All in This Together!

We developed the Good Mask Philosophy to play our part in supporting our community. We are committed to donating a mask for each one purchased. Our goal is to donate 40,000 masks in the next two months. We will prioritize our donations to first responders, grocery store clerks, delivery couriers, fire & police departments, and generally focusing on people who are putting their lives at risk daily to help our community.

Certificates & Awards

  • Portfolio Company

  • Scientific Research Partner

  • Scientific Bisiness Network Partner

  • Award Winner

  • Award Winner

  • Part of the SFMade community

Our team is highly tied to the local community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Both co-founders Vivian Qu and Rebecca Cahua are members of the non-profit SFMade, an institution that supports the local manufacturing community with members who are leaders in the sustainability movement in San Francisco’s design industries. Rebecca is the founder of a non-profit Designing a Difference and recipient of a proclamation honoring her work.


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